Today, every business owner can benefit from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve organization, communication and client relationships. At Smartcat, we can build a custom CRM into your WordPress Dashboard.

Custom CRM software can be used to:

  • Manage contacts
  • Maintain employee data
  • Maintain customer data
  • Store contracts and other documents
  • Track leads
  • Sort contacts into groups and lists
  • Create new projects and assign them to clients, employees
  • Track project development
  • Detail production processes
  • Track time spent on projects

The WordPress dashboard is also an ideal environment for development of a Content Management System (CMS). We can fully integrate a custom CMS with your pre-existing WordPress site. This can include:

  • Custom User Access levels to read and publish content
  • Different tiers of access for your managers, employees, partners, content contributors and even clients.
  • Custom tools for commenting, approval editing and review

For more information on adding fully Custom CRM or CMS platforms to your WordPress site, contact us.